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There are many misconceptions about the level of commitment required to be an active member of the PTA. And remember it is about being an active member; every parent of a child attending Rossett IS a member of the PTA.

The highest level of involvement is the PTA board. Various meetings throughout the year, handling the politics between the PTA and the school and overseeing the various committees make this commitment very serious. It is also the smallest part of the PTA.

Rossett School PTA

Then there are the committees themselves. The people who organise events, or organise people. This level of involvement requires several meetings a year and some hands on work within the school and with other active PTA members, however it is in a much more intimate setting and tends to develop into friendships, a support group at the school and some very enjoyable evenings!

There is then the bulk of the PTA, the volunteers. Whether it be for the refreshment committee or the fundraising committee; people who have the odd evening a year that they can offer their time to serve drinks, help decorate, or simply be an extra pair of hands for a few hours during an event.

You then have the skill side of the PTA: individuals who can offer their specialized services. That may be web design, flyers, or advertising. Work that can generally be done from home, at your convenience through email and phone contacts.

Finally you have the level of commitment required from all parents for any PTA and school to be successful, supporting the scheduled events. Whether this is in the form of donations or by attending the events themselves; it is the crucial part of the fundraising, which is a vital part of the betterment of your child's educational environment.

To speak to a current active member of the PTA and find out how we can help you to help your child's school, please drop us an email - or you can also find us on Facebook -

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