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February 2018

Gillian Whitaker – Number 161


Next Draw - 29th March 2018

It’s very simple… All you have to do is buy a minimum monthly stake of £1. You increase your chances of winning with the more stakes you purchase. Each month, all the stakes are pooled together and 50% of the monthly prize money goes to one lucky winner who is drawn each month.

So, the more money in the pot each month, the bigger the prize! The remaining 50% is donated to the School PTA fund. If you are a lucky winner, your unique member number will be posted on the website and you will be notified by email by the PTA. Complete the form below to submit your subscription details for the Rossett PTA 50:50 club. Tickets cost £1 per draw with a minimum of 12 draws (1 per month).You may purchase more than one ticket per draw to increase your chances of winning. Payment is via cheque, cash into school or by Paypal. Please send cash or a cheque payable to Rossett PTA into school or pay online using the Paypal button on the home page of the website- see foot of page.  You will be contacted with your unique number(s) once you have submitted the form below. Please note by completing the form below you are agreeing to your name being displayed on the PTA website in the event you win any of the monthly draws.

50:50 Subscription Form




Rules for the 50:50 Club

1. The 50:50 Club run by the Rossett School PTA .

2. Membership is available to parents, guardians and any member of school staff and there is no limit on the number of tickets sold.

3. Payments must be paid in advance and are not refundable.

4. The cost will be £1 per number per draw. Numbers will be allocated by the PTA and participants will be allocated the same number for each draw.

5. As the name 50:50 club suggests, 50% of the money each month will go directly to the PTA and 50% will go to participants who win.

6. The amount of money in the prize fund will depend on the number of parents who join.

7. Winning numbers and the amount of prize money will be put on the PTA web site.

8. Parents will receive their prize money by cheque via Royal Mail, not pupil post or directly into their bank.

9. To reduce administration time parents who wish to join the club are asked to pay for all draws up front by cheque made payable to Rossett School PTA

10. Each member will be allocated a draw number for each subscription of £1 a member may hold as many draw numbers as they wish.

11. Tickets will not be issued; you will be informed of your draw numbers, which will be allocated in numerical order upon receipt of your payment.

12. A prize is not transferable and shall only be paid to the individual who purchased the winning draw number.

13. Participants must be at least 16 years of age.

14. Any change of address must be notified in writing.

15. Winners names will be publicised on the Rossett PTA website.

16. The decisions of the PTA committee shall be final.

17. The PTA committee shall be responsible for the correct termination of the 50:50 Club.

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Rossett School
Green Lane

Tel: 01423 564444
Fax: 01423 502301

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